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Interesting Inventions

Grades 1–2 | Week 3: June 25–29

OFJCC J-CampEverything we see around us started off as an invention or discovery by someone! 

In this camp, we will find out the origins of things like the hand mixer, Ferris wheel and turnstile. We will introduce your camper to the world of ideas, creativity, inventions and patents. Campers will discuss the difference between an invention and a discovery, learn how inventions solve problems, and find out how inventors get their ideas patented. They will be encouraged to think of what they could invent, or improvements they could make to an existing object to solve a problem. 

So many things we use each day are someone's invention. We will construct different familiar objects; each model is motorized for maximum movement and fascination! For the last half of the camp day, campers may participate in classic themed activities such as outdoor games, recreational swim, sports, learning about Jewish culture, arts and crafts and more.



Grades 1–2 | Week 3: June 25–29 | $545 Member, $585 General Public