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Mind Games Genius

Grades 3–5 | Week 8: July 30–August 3


Is your camper an aspiring chess player? A brainiac with a love of mental challenges? A deep thinker? Then this is the camp for them! 

This camp challenges campers to think creatively and engages them with entirely unique games. Chess is a large focus of our camp, thanks to the critical thinking and spatial awareness it provides to players of this ancient game. Each day, however, has its own unique focus and theme with Mensa award-winning board games which challenge campers to utilize their brains to the max.

For the last half of the camp day, campers may participate in classic themed activities such as outdoor games, recreational swim, sports, learning about Jewish culture, arts and crafts and more!

Grades 3–5 | Week 8: July 30–August 3 | $450 Member, $490 General Public