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Wizard School with Phil Ackerly

Grades 3-5 | Week 3: June 26–30

Throughout this week, campers will learn the secrets that will open the door into the world of magic.

Campers will learn sleight-of-hand, redirection, hand and finger exercises, flourishes and magic theory. They will learn street magic, close-up magic, stage magic with props such as with coins, ropes, balls, cards and more. 

As we progress each day, campers will learn to fine tune their performing skills into a polished, crowd-pleasing presentation. This will be a fun and safe environment and every one will want to participate.

Other camp activities may include games, recreational swim, sports, music, learning about Jewish culture, arts and crafts and more!


Grades 3-5 | Week 3:  June 26–30  | $430 Member, $470 General Public