Meet the Camp Directors
Dear J-Camp Families,

As a lifelong camper at heart, I understand the immense power of camp, community and connections! I am so proud to lead the team at J-Camp, where we are excited to continuously offer meaningful, fun and safe summer experiences for our J-Camp community, despite any global or nationwide challenges. Guided by our camp values—confidence (בטחון), compassion (רחמים), curiosity (סקרנות), social responsibility (אחריות), mindfulness (זהירות), and gratitude (הכרת הטוב)— we are creating opportunities for our campers to connect, grow, learn and have tons of fun each summer!

I am looking forward to another incredible summer filled with friendships and ruach (spirit)! J-Camp is a home for everyone to feel welcome and part of a joyful community. We hope you will join us for another magical summer at camp. If you have any questions leading up to the summer or want to talk about if camp is the right fit for your child, please do not hesitate to reach out. I look forward to another amazing summer and seeing you all soon!

Warm Wishes,
Rebecca Bigman
J-Camp Director

Dave Rosenfeld—Director of Youth and Teens 

Dave has been a member of the OFJCC family for over  ten years and has been lucky enough to support and experience the thrill of J-Camp ever since the summer of 2011. He has more than 25 years of experience working with children, knowing from an early age that is what he wanted to do with his professional life.

Dave and his wife live in a popular small town in the South Bay with a house full of kids, pets and snacks to keep them young. He loves to be active, and then, after being active, really loves being inactive. Having seen first-hand that it is still possible to have a fun time during summer, even with the current restrictions, Dave is enthusiastic for the kids to see what we have in store for them this year.

OFJCC Palo Alto JCCRebecca Bigman—Camp Director

Rebecca is a life-long camper at heart, and pandemic or not, you can frequently find her singing, dancing or cheering and sharing her enthusiasm all around camp. Camp ruach is definitely her favorite part about summer camp! She joined our team at the OFJCC right at the start of the pandemic and is so grateful to have been able to create meaningful and fun experiences for our community throughout these challenging two years.

Rebecca came to California in March of 2020 after living in New York City for eight years and spending two months teaching skiing in Colorado. In her free time, she loves to play with her dog Oreo and go on lots of active adventures like hiking, biking, skiing and water sports. She also loves to dance and sing, especially Disney tunes, and is becoming known for her parody songs around campus.

Monica Valdez—Assistant Camp Director 

Monica became a part of the Youth & Teens team at the OFJCC in 2013. During the following six years, she took on the role as the department coordinator and supported all of the programs in the Youth & Teens Department, including J-Camp. Monica spent some time away from the OFJCC but found herself missing the spirited community. So, she has just returned (with excitement and enthusiasm) as the assistant camp director, and she is looking forward to witnessing the countless friendships that develop over the summer at J-Camp.

As a native to the Bay Area, Monica loves the San Francisco Giants and Golden State Warriors. On her downtime, Monica enjoys spending time with friends and family, watching Project Runway and getting a workout in at the OFJCC Fitness Center.