Meet the Camp Staff
Sachiko Martinez—Department Coordinator

Sachi has been a part of the J-Camp team since summer 2015. She started camp as the Art Specialist creating fun arts and crafts projects for campers. You can now find her in the camp office as the Department Coordinator, connecting with all our camp families. This will be her seventh summer with J-Camp. In her free time, she enjoys crafting and reading, but most of all being a new mom to her daughter Kayden, born in June 2020.

Yael Palti-Yahav—Tayasim Program Leader

This is Yael's fourth year leading the Tayasim summer camp. She has vast experience teaching and educating both in Israel and in the US. Yael is passionate about educating J-Camp’s next generation and impact their learning by developing new and inspiring methods of education. She holds a BA in education and cinema with a Teaching Certificate, and is currently pursuing her Master of Art in Teaching Hebrew as a Second Language at Middlebury College. Yael likes to hike with her husband and four kids in our exciting state.

Fernando Munoz—Traditional Camp Unit Leader

Fernando recently returned from teaching English to Vietnamese children abroad. It was a great experience immersing himself in the Vietnamese culture and implementing camp-style games in the classroom. This will be his 11th time working at a summer camp and he can't wait to begin! In his free time, he enjoys exercising, outdoor events, concerts and planning his next travel adventure.

Jennie Greenstein—Traditional Camp Unit Leader

This is Jennie's first year working at J-Camp and she is excited to be a Unit Leader. She just finished her first year of the School Psychology PhD program at UC Berkeley and is thrilled to spend time with campers in person instead of through the computer screen. Before graduate school, she studied psychology and education at Washington University in St. Louis. In her free time, Jennie loves to do yoga, explore new hiking trails, knit and crochet, spend time with friends and family, and play with her cats, Kiwi and Howie.

Eryn Alvey—Program Assistant

Eryn is very excited to be returning to her second year of J-Camp! Camp was a huge part of her life growing up and she is blessed her children will have their own camp experiences as returning J-Campers. Being able to go to "work" with her kids as well as being part of the team that makes camp possible is what camp is all about—family, community, fun! Eryn is looking forward to seeing familiar faces as well as new ones.

Alex Gornish—Traditional Camp Counselor

Alex is excited to be returning to J-Camp for his third summer. His first year at Brandeis was highlighted by joining the Quidditch team and the A Cappella group Company B. He is planning on majoring in psychology and hopes to become an occupational therapist. He loves gaming and music but most of all he loves camp!

Alexis Harris—Traditional Camp Counselor

This will be Alexis' second summer with J-Camp; she currently works year-round on campus with the Club J afterschool program. She graduated from San Jose State University, Class of 2020, with a degree in communications. She is no stranger to the camp world; Alexis has spent her summers running basketball camps for grades kindergarten through 5th. She is most excited to be active with the kids this summer.
Ariella Frankel—Traditional Camp CounselorJ-Camp

This is Ariella's first summer working at J-Camp, and she has fond memories of attending it as a child. In her free time, she likes walking her dog, making art and spending time outside at night. In the fall, Ariella will be attending Rhode Island School of Design to pursue a BFA in Fine Arts.

Ashleigh Parker—Traditional Camp Counselor

Ashleigh started as a teacher with the Club J program in 2018 and as counselor with J-Camp the following year. She has several years of experience working with children from various school programs around the Bay Area. Ashleigh is currently attending San Jose State University in pursuit of her bachelor's degree and teaching credential. Her favorite camp activity is making lanyards.

Bayleigh Parker—Traditional Camp Counselor

This is Bayleigh's second year working at J-Camp but she is no stranger to camp as she also works year-round with the School Break Camps as well as Club J. She is currently enrolled at Ohlone Community College, majoring in interpretation and minoring in English. She plans to transfer to CSUN next year to complete her education. A new hobby that she recently picked up is cooking and baking, which she enjoys doing for her family.

Carmel Schwartz—Tayasim Camp Counselor J-Camp

This will be Carmel's second year working as a Tayasim counselor at J-Camp. She was also a counselor-in-training for two years as well as a camper at J-Camp since first grade. Next year, Carmel will be a senior at Palo Alto High School where she is interested in biology. Carmel enjoys gymnastics and necklace-making in her free time. She is also a fluent Hebrew speaker and loves to stay connected with her Israeli heritage by visiting Israel yearly and staying in contact with her family who lives there. She is so excited for more water days and having a blast with the campers this summer!

Crystal Yu—Traditional Camp Counselor

This is Crystal's first year working at J-Camp. She has worked at other summer camps for several years and is an ice skating assistant coach during the school year. She just graduated from Gunn High School and will start college in the fall, majoring in biology on the pre-med track. In her free time, Crystal typically relaxes with her friends and family or goes on spontaneous road trips. A hobby she has picked up recently is cooking, although whether or not the food is edible is another story. Crystal is super excited for this summer, and can’t wait to meet everyone!

Daniela Dayen—Traditional Camp Counselor

Daniela is very excited to be working at J-camp for the first time this summer, after attending as a camper and CIT. She is a rising sophomore at UCLA, majoring in biology and minoring in Russian. In her free time, Daniela loves to play piano, hike and spend time with friends and family.

Daniella Maor—Tayasim Camp Counselor

This is Daniella's first year working at J-Camp and she is so excited for a fun summer! She currently attends Gunn High School and will be a senior next year. She loves reading and is a huge cat person.

Danielle Pilpoul—Tayasim Camp Counselor

This is Danielle's first summer as a J-Camp counselor. She attended J-camp most summers from ages five to ten. She is a rising senior at Palo Alto High School, and in her free time plays club soccer, writes and makes friendship bracelets. Her current goal is to learn how to play guitar. She is pictured here with her dog Rocky.

Eitan Smolyar—Tayasim Camp Counselor

This is Eitan's second summer with J-Camp as a Tayasim counselor. This year he also joined the Club J afterschool program as a teacher assistant. In his free time, he likes to play sports with his little brothers and do stunts on his stunt-scooter at the skate park. Eitan is in his first year of engineering studies at Foothill Community College. He is originally from Israel and very eager to spend another summer with old and new campers, exposing them to the Israeli culture and strengthening their Hebrew skills in our Tayasim Hebrew immersion camp.

Helen Tian—Traditional Camp Counselor

This is Helen's first year working at J-Camp, and she is super excited to get to know and build relationships with the campers this summer. She recently graduated from Gunn High School and will start Stanford in the fall. She is hoping to double major in English and psychology. In her free time, Helen loves running, hiking, trying new foods, reading and spending time with friends and family

Inbal Binyamini—Tayasim Camp Counselor

Meet Inbal, one of our shlichot this summer! It's her first year as an instructor at J-Camp and is looking forward to it. She finished her military service a few months ago and has since been working. She likes to travel and see spectacular views. One of her favorite hobbies is cooking and baking.

Jed Solomon —Traditional Camp Counselor

This is Jed's first year working at J-Camp. For the past 10 years, he has attended sleepaway camp in the Colorado mountains. Jed is currently a sophomore at Kehillah Jewish High School, and his favorite activity on-campus is jamming out in his jazz/rock ensemble class. Jed plays the guitar and spends any free time he has playing, trying new foods, reading and spending time with friends and family.

Josh Pu—Traditional Camp Counselor

Josh has been a part of the J-Camp team since 2012 working with various camps including teaching basketball in our special focus camps. He is also a Club J teacher and teaches many electives such as dance, magic and singing. He is the ultimate entertainer and loves to put on amazing shows as well as discover and help develop new talents.

Julie McCarthy—Traditional Camp Counselor

This is Julie's first year working at J-Camp and she is very excited for the summer! She is currently attending Chico State University with a major in liberal studies and a minor in mathematics education. She enjoys working with kids and plans to become a middle school mathematics teacher once she has finished her bachelor’s degree and credential program.

LeAnn Nelson—Traditional Camp Counselor

This is LeAnn's second summer with J-Camp. She will be studying child development at San Jose State University in the fall and plans to be an elementary school teacher. In her free time, she enjoys traveling and hanging out with her family and friends. She's super excited for another fun year at camp!
Lior Eshel—Tayasim Camp Counselor

Lior, a 21-year-old Israeli, finished her army service just over a year ago. She lived in Sunnyvale for five years when she was a child, and it was a complete coincidence that she was picked to be at this JCC. She has been working for the past year-and-a-half as a math and English tutor, as well as a full-time babysitter. Lior plans to travel the world after camp, and study medicine after. She loves the beach, exercising and dancing. She is very excited for camp and coming back to the place she grew up in to meet new people!

Makenna Johnson—Traditional Camp Counselor

This is Makenna's first year working at J-Camp. She loves working with kids and is excited to be a part of your summer. She is currently attending Ohlone Community and is majoring in American Sign Language and deaf studies. She is planning on transferring out of the state to further her education after next year. She enjoys playing with her dog Leia.

Maya Mazor-Hoofien —Tayasim Camp Counselor

This is Maya's second summer as a counselor with Tayasim, but her tenth summer with J-Camp! She started at J-Camp as a camper in 2011, worked as a CIT with Tayasim and traditional camp, and is now returning for her second year as a counselor. Maya is a senior at Foothill Middle College, a high school program at Foothill Community College. She loves to sing and write, as well as spend time with her family and two cats.

Raz Bussi—Tayasim Camp Counselor

This is Raz's first year working at J-Camp. One of our shlichot from Israel, she spent last year working at an afternoon program with kids in Israel and had the best time! She is planning to study psychology next year at university. In her free time, she likes to work out, cook and bake. She can't wait to spend summer in Palo Alto and have the best time with the kids!
Roee Abramitzky—Tayasim Camp Counselor

This will be Roee's first year as a junior counselor, but Roee is no stranger to J-camp. He started attending J-Camp at the age of five and has been there every summer since. Roee is an incoming senior at Gunn High School and part of both its cross country and track and field varsity teams. Roee has also been a member of Tzofim for the past eight years, and a counselor for the past two years, working with 5th graders.
Simrun Rao—Traditional Camp Counselor

Simrun is a first year junior camp counselor at J-Camp and is thrilled to be working at camp. She has experience with kids from a few nonprofits and loves the indoors and outdoors. Next year she will be attending the University of Rochester as a freshman. In her spare time, she likes to sing, write, cook and play tennis.
Stephanie Peng—Traditional Camp Counselor

Stephanie is a first-year J-Camp counselor and is looking forward to spending her summer working at camp. She's had previous experience working with kids at Greendell School and Duveneck Elementary through her high school's child development program. Stephanie recently graduated from Palo Alto High School and will be a freshman at the University of Michigan next fall. She enjoys exploring new places with her friends, painting and baking.
Tanir Kranz—Tayasim Camp Counselor

Tanir is entering 11th grade at Gunn High School. She joined Tayasim last year as a CIT and can't wait to come back as a junior counselor. She was born in Israel, lived there for eight years, and speaks Hebrew fluently. She loves theater, singing and chemistry. She is so excited to meet new kids and reconnect with returning campers, as well as expose them to Israeli culture, and making sure everyone has an awesome summer.
Tess Flinchbaugh—Traditional Camp CounselorJ-Camp

This is Tess's second year working at J-Camp, but she was a counselor elsewhere for two years. Tess graduated from Gunn High School this June and will be attending UCLA in the fall where she plans to study math and applied science. Outside of school, she plays lacrosse, coaches volleyball, and loves spending time with friends and family.

Yahli Hazan—Tayasim Camp Counselor

This is Yahli's first year with J-Camp and he’s super excited for the summer! He just graduated high school and is planning to go to UC Davis next year. In his free time, he loves surfing, making music and always carrying a smile on his face.
Yuval Eilat—Tayasim Camp Counselor

This is Yuval's second year working at J-Camp; he also volunteers for Beged Kefet Hebrew School year 'round. His hobbies are playing video games, volleyball and going out to eat—he's a HUGE foodie. He attends Mountain View High School and is an incoming senior. He can't wait to meet everyone this summer.