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Mind Games Genius

Grades 1-2 | Week 3: June 26–30

Is your camper an aspiring chess player? A Braniac with a love of mental challenges? A deep thinker? Then this is the camp for your child!

This camp challenges campers to think creatively and engages them with unique games. Chess is a large focus of our camp, thanks to the critical thinking and spatial awareness it provides to players of this ancient game. However, each day has its own unique focus and theme with Mensa award-winning board games which challenge campers to utilize their brains to the max!

Among these games are:

Suburbia: A city-building board game where you compete and work with other city-building players to create the most appealing town;

Stone Age: A board game of resource and worker management dedicated to building an early, thriving settlement;

Ticket to Ride: A geographical board game that challenges players to get around obstacles (or make them) in order to complete long treks across the United States;

Escape: A co-operative game in which players must work together to escape a crumbling temple Indiana Jones style. Everyone gets out working together, or nobody does;

A game of money management, important decision-making and discovery that forces players to make choices that will open some doors and close others as they travel across Japan.

Only two of these highly strategic games use dice, and luck plays very little role. Your camper will exert their mental abilities with us at Mind Games Genius Camp!

Other camp activities may include games, recreational swim, sports, learning about Jewish culture, arts and crafts and more!

Grades 1-2 | Week 3:  June 26–30   | $400 Member, $440 General Public