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Circus of the Stars

Grades 3-5 | Week 7: July 24-28

Campers build on their circus repertoire in a Cirque Du Soleil experience. With the professionals at 888 Monkeys, they practice the art of trapeze, use aerial silks, walk the tight wire, juggle, master the rollabolla, balance on a globe, learn acting skills and perform circus acrobatics. 

Older campers have the chance to combine different skills and learn how to use stilts and the unicycle. They finish off the week with a dramatic production of Circus of the Stars.

Other camp activities may include games, recreational swim, sports, music, learning about Jewish culture, arts and crafts and more! 

Additional waiver required.

Grades 3-5 | Week 7: July 24-28   | $490 Member, $530 General Public