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Frequently Asked Questions

(This information does not pertain to the Preschool Camps)

How can I speak with someone about what to expect before camp starts?
On the Thursday prior to each camp week, you will be emailed a highlight sheet with the camp schedule, express drop-off information and more. We truly appreciate discussing your questions, comments and concerns and there are many opportunities to do so. Please drop into the Camp office (Room M-115) between the hours of 9:00 AM–4:00 PM Monday through Friday, or contact the Camp office via email or phone at or (650) 223-8622. You may also contact the Camp Director, Rebecca Labate, by emailing or calling (650) 223-8673.

How many staff members will be watching my camper?
We operate within the following staff/camper ratio guidelines, which are recommended by the American Camp Association.

  • 1:6 for campers entering kindergarten
  • 1:8 for campers entering grades 1–3
  • 1:10 for campers entering grades 4–6
  • 1:12 for campers entering grades 7–12

What should my children bring/wear to J-Camp?
It is recommended that campers bring the following items daily, labeled with their name: sunscreen, a non-perishable lunch, a light morning snack, a refillable water bottle and a backpack to house everything. On water or swim days, campers should bring their swimsuit, towel and change of clothes. Campers should wear closed-toe shoes and comfortable clothes that can get dirty. It is recommended that items of value be left at home as J-Camp is not responsible for lost or stolen items. Example items include electronics, toys, trading cards, cell phones and money.   

What is J-Camp's food policy?
Campers must bring a non-perishable, nut-free morning snack and lunch daily as we are not able to refrigerate or heat food items. The OFJCC is a kosher-style campus, so please send your camper without pork or shellfish in their food items. If for any reason your camper is missing their lunch, parents will be contacted to bring a lunch. Children will never go without a lunch offering, so fees may be assessed in situations where parents have not made arrangements and are unable to be contacted. A healthy afternoon snack will be provided daily by J-Camp during sign out. On Fridays, we will provide a kosher-style BBQ that consists of a kosher Hebrew National or vegetarian hot dog and seasonal fruits and veggies. For sleepovers at the OFJCC and off-site campouts, J-Camp will provide kosher-style meals for dinner and breakfast. 

Is there an alternative to me packing lunch for my child every day?

Nourish Cafe is happy to provide lunch service for all campers and families on the go! Please visit the cafe to view lunch menus and order. All lunches will be delivered during the Havurah morning rally. Please note there is a deadline by which to submit your orders so your camper can receive their lunch for the next day. 

What if my camper needs to take medication during camp?
In order for J-Camp staff to administer medication during the day, you must complete a separate Medication Disbursement Form. Any over-the-counter or doctor-prescribed medication must be checked in during drop-off on the first day of camp. For one-week camps, parents must pick up all medication at the end of camp on Friday as J-Camp is not responsible for holding medication. You can get this form from your parent account in Camp Minder, the camp office or by emailing

How will my camper be transported to and from field trips?
J-Camp transports our campers on chartered school buses and coach buses that are routinely inspected by the California Highway Patrol, as well as in OFJCC-owned vans. Bus and van drivers have completed background checks and training and are all qualified to drive per insurance safety standards. 

Can I sign up my child for a camp if he/she is not entering the grade specified?
Your camper is eligible to enroll in camps according to the grade they are entering in the fall of the 2018/2019 school year. Any special circumstances should be brought to the Camp Director's attention for consideration. J-Camp will do its best to accommodate the needs of each camper. Campers entering a pre-kindergarten program should enroll in Preschool Camp.

How do I ensure my camper is in the same group as his/her friend?

When you are registering your camper, you will have the opportunity to enter up to three buddy requests. J-Camp will do its best to honor requests made to campers who are enrolled in the same camp. 

The literature refers to a J-Camp closing and Shabbat celebration. What is that?
J-Camp wants your child to be able to share their experiences with you. Many camps perform or create a parent show as part of our J-Camp closing and Shabbat celebration or a private show at another time. We invite parents and friends to come see what the campers have been up to all week. We understand that parents might not be able to attend at the specific time of the show and encourage you to contact your Head Counselor to set up an alternative time to visit. 

Will my camper receive swim lessons at J-Camp?
Our classic two-week camps for campers entering kindergarten through 5th grade will receive beginner group lessons for a portion of their swim time, followed by recreational swim time. If you are looking for advanced swim lessons, please contact the Aquatics Department. Most classic camps will swim two to three times a week. Many special focus camps and Kohavim will participate in recreational swim once or twice a week. Some special focus camps will not participate in any swim time, due to their busy schedules. If your camper is swimming, it will be indicated on the highlight sheet for each camp, which is sent the Thursday prior to the start of camp. *Please note that occasionally there may be pool closures that are out of our control. On the rare occasion this happens, other activities will be provided and parents will be notified by the end of the day. 

What is J-Camp's cell phone usage policy?
Cell phones can be a huge distraction for campers. We want all campers to be involved in the activities and enjoy their time building relationships, experiencing new things and being actively engaged. While we understand that many campers have cell phones for their own personal use and contact with their parents, we ask that campers leave their cell phones at home. If your camper must bring their cell phone to camp, we ask that it remains in their backpack at all times for safe keeping.


Specials & Savings

Get the most out of your summer—and your money —with these discounts and freebies.

(This information does not pertain to the Preschool Camps)

Save as an OFJCC Member
With OFJCC Membership, you get access to our award-winning fitness and aquatics facilities, plus great discounts on our camps! Membership rates only apply to families whose children are on family membership plans that pay dues to the Fitness Center. Please note: J-Pass holders, including Club J and preschool families who are not members of the OFJCC Fitness Center pay the same rates as the general public.

Host Family Discount
The best way for our international staff to experience America is to immerse themselves in the day-to-day lives of our J-Camp families! Host family responsibilities include housing, meals, transportation to and from J-Camp and access to laundry facilities. Once they have met peers at camp, most international staff members are able to secure rides home each day. Host families receive $1,000 credit toward any camp this summer! If you are interested in hosting one or more of our international staff members, please email

Sibling Discount
Families with more than one child enrolled get 5% off per sibling per camp so that all your children can have a fun summer experience at the OFJCC.

Refer a NEW Family
Refer a NEW family who has never enrolled in J-Camp before and both families will receive $50 off one camp.

Early Bird Discount
When you sign up on or before March 1, 2018, each camper receives $20 off per camp.

Free Morning Extended Care
J-Camp offers free morning care for those parents who need it from 8:00–8:45 AM. When you drop your camper off at Express Drop-Off in the morning they will be escorted by J-Camp staff to AM extended care, or you may walk your camper to AM extended care yourself after signing them in with their head counselor.  

Low Deposits
Deposits to reserve your spot are only $50 for full week camps and $20 for PM Care and daily option camps. Your final balance is due May 29, 2018; please see important information and policies for payment details.