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Hosting International Staff

J-Camp is proud to offer summer employment to staff from all over the world including Israel, and this summer is no exception!

International staff plays a vital role working as specialists in art, sports, Jewish values and much more. They bring richness to the J-Camp experience that is priceless. International staff comes to America with a desire to experience its lifestyle and create meaningful relationships with not only the campers but also the families they stay with. Some families develop a strong bond with the staff they host, and ask them back the next year or visit them in their home country!

Please join us in being a part of making J-Camp a diverse and inclusive experience for all our campers by providing these fantastic staff members with a place to call home for a four-week block or the whole summer.

Each of our international staff requires housing for the summer. Hosts that provide housing for four or more weeks receive a $1,000 credit towards J-Camp. Or, if you do not have school-age children, you will be paid the same amount.

If you are interested in sharing your home this summer, please contact the Camp Director, Rebecca Labate at (650) 223-8673 or email at or contact the camp office at

Don’t have space to host? Help us find homes for these great staff members by sharing this information with your friends or on social media!